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Standard Corporate Fees



  • Up to two hours on site £295

  • Ideal for shorter PR event or portrait sessions

  • up to 100 image* delivered by WeTransfer



  • Up to three hours on site £390

  • Ideal for medium length PR event, awards evening, portrait sessions or anything else you need that fits in 3 hours!

  • up to 200 images* delivered by WeTransfer



  • Half Day £590 (unlimited downloads)

  • Full Day £950 (unlimited downloads)

  • Best option for larger projects and maximum simplicity.

  • up to 400 images* delivered by WeTransfer and available on Dropbox to download for 12 months

The packages above suit the majority of my corporate clients’ needs, but for commissions with special requirements which don’t fit any of the above packages, please get in touch and I’ll be happy to discuss them with you.

*The fees allow for up to 400 finished images from a whole-day shoot and up to 200 images from a half-day shoot, though the actual number of images available will vary according to the brief and nature of the assignment.


The fees include standard editing, including basic image adjustments for colour-correctness, exposure, sensor dust spot removal, renaming and captions, while additional Photoshop work will be quoted on request.

A day is defined as being up to 7 hours on site, and a half day is up to 3.5 hours on site, though travel time may have a bearing on the day rate or the time on site.

The fees cover corporate communication use of the images by one party (advertising use is excluded, please ask if this is required), and do not cover exceptional requirements of a shoot such as equipment hire, travel or out-of-pocket expenses which are quoted as required. 

Again, please get in touch with any questions.

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