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Marketing Assets for TOSSED – The Royal Vauxhall Tavern Panto

Once again, I was delighted to receive the commission to shoot and design the marketing assets for The Royal Vauxhall Tavern's iconic pantomime - TOSSED.

A former Victorian music hall turned gay stalwart, the Royal Vauxhall Tavern (RVT) was built in 1865 and has been known as an LGBTQ+ cabaret venue since the 1980s. It is an iconic cabaret, performance and club night venue and one of London's most successful independently owned companies. As the beating heart of Vauxhall, the RVT serves the best in alternative entertainment to confirmed bachelors and friends since long before Kylie was born. 😀

Tossed, is the story of what happened after Jack slayed the giant and felled the beanstalk with his chopper, we meet his pushy showbiz mother, the impish Sorcererer, the talking cow Daisy and The Giant’s daughter, Gina T who’s out for revenge.

Packed with big hit songs and more laughs per minute than any other grown-up panto, delivered by a gorgeous new cast for 2023, this is a must see for the Christmas season.

2023 cast:

Ed Cooke as Jack

Leigh Pollard as Gina T

Grace Kelly Miller as Daisy the Cow

Ada Campe as The Sorcererer

Ben Hutt at Mother Spriggins

Tossed is brought to you by the team responsible for last year’s award-nominated panto, Cracked, plus Pricked, Slipped, Rubbed and Goosed, written by Tim Benzie (Solve Along-a Murder She Wrote) and Paul Joseph (Pop Horror), directed by panto legend, Tim McArthur.

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