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Life After Lockdown - cover and editorial portraits for FS Magazine

“Lockdown was intense. It was unprecedented. It was something many, if not all, of us had never experienced. It felt sudden, even if some of us suspected it was coming, and it left little time to prepare ourselves. Especially mentally prepare ourselves.

“LGBT HERO conducted a survey of 2,333 LGBTQ+ people during lockdown so assess the impact on our mental health and wellbeing. The results were equally surprising and unsurprising.

“Many people experienced isolation and loneliness and had their existing mental health conditions exacerbated, while others thrived during the main lockdown period, freed from societal and social pressures (I was one of them).

“This issue we take a look at how the pandemic impacted us as a community and try to assess how it will impact us in the long term. Also this issue, Hadley Stewart talks to sufferers of skin conditions and we look at our booze and drug consumption during the pandemic.”

Liam Murphy

Editor - FS --- Cover and feature images by Chris Jepson | ©



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