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La Voix - The Eighth Wonder Of The World!

The eighth wonder of the world, the diamanté diva herself, La Voix is hot footing her way around the UK with her brand new show as the Countess of Comedy and July 2021 saw her first show since the UK lockdown at the Theatre Royal Brighton.

Packed by the case load with side splitting comedy, huge vocals, mesmerising diva impressions and buckets of energy, La Voix and her incredible musicians provide an unforgettable evening full of sparkling wit, show-stopping tunes and even more gorgeous dresses.

Wear thick pants because you'll wet yourself laughing! JENNIFER SAUNDERS
La Voix’s impersonations are surpassed only by her own cheekily entertaining personality. A genuine one-off! SIR IAN MCKELLEN
When I grown up I wanna be La Voix! DAWN FRENCH

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