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Glow Wild 2021, Kew Gardens, Wakehurst

Wakehurst's wild botanic garden is home to the Millennium Seed Bank and over 500 acres of the world’s plants in the heart of Sussex.

Hailed as one of Sussex’s favourite winter experiences, Glow Wild returned in 2021 for its eighth year.

Filled with hand-crafted lanterns, mesmerising installations, and captivating projections, this year’s edition invites visitors to reflect on how nature responds when human activity slows down – a phenomenon known as the ‘anthropause’

From nocturnal stirrings of wildlife deep in the woods, to the slow encroachment of fungi on paths left untrodden, the trail reveals how the behaviour of plants and creatures has changed, and even thrived, during a time of diminished human activity, and how the smallest encounter with people can have far-reaching effects. The programme features specially commissioned installations from artists Ithaca, Same Sky and Colour Project, alongside new and popular works from returning contributors Sarah Hall-Baqai, And Now, and OGE Group, and over 300 paper lanterns handmade by local volunteers.

Visitors can pick up a lantern and wind their way through the landscape, encountering magical installations inspired by the beauty of Wakehurst. Glimpse the UK's tallest living Christmas tree, experience atmospheric soundscapes and enjoy the festive hub of the Carriage Ring.



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