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South Beach, Miami

A Sunday morning stroll through Miami's South Beach art deco district with just an iPhone.

As America’s one and only 20th-century metropolis, Miami is largely defined by its modern architecture. While the bust of 1926 nearly halted construction in the city just as Art Deco came into fashion, by 1936 a building boom made up for lost time. South Beach quickly filled up with hostelries whimsically designed in a style we know today as Tropical Art Deco. Its unique variation on Mid-century Modern architecture is often referred to as Miami Modern or MiMo (my-moe).

Known as the Art Deco District, one of the world’s greatest concentrations of 1930s architecture is home to a vibrant and diverse community. The 800-plus buildings in the square mile bounded by the Atlantic Ocean, 23rd Street, Lenox Court and 6th Street make up the world’s first 20th-century historic district. The best way to see the district is on foot, bicycle or skates. Begin your tour at the Art Deco Welcome Center

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